Q & A Imunisasi pheumococcal

Question : Dear Dr Wati and SP
Apa kegunaan imunisasi pheumococcal itu dan ada tdkya efek smapingannya ? perlu tdk untuk anak usia2.6thn and 4 thn . DSA nya anak sy bilang itu bagustetapi karena kita tinggal di Asia hanya perlu 1x imunisasinya apa betul ya ? . dI TUNGGU sarannya and informasinya Terima kasih
Salam Ratny

Answer 1 : dear Mbak Ratny,
vaksin pneumococcal adalah vaksin utk mencegah infeksikarena bakteri pneumococcal, antara lain infeksitelinga atau sinusitis, tp kedua penyakit tsb punjarang yang diakibatkan oleh bakteri, kebanyakan oleh virus.berikut jawaban dr. Wati mengenai pertanyaan tsb(posting bln nov 04) :
vaksin pneumococcal tdk ada di indonesia .. tapi kanear inf krnpneumococcal lbh jarang ketimbang akibat virus..
Dan utk info ttg vaksin tsb, berikut dari mayoclinic :Pneumococcal vaccine: When is it appropriate for olderchildren?
Q: A pediatrician recommended the pneumococcal vaccinefor our preschooler. I thought this was only given toinfants. Is it safe for older children?
A: The pneumococcal vaccine helps prevent pneumococcalinfection. Pneumococcal bacteria cause many illnessesin children younger than 5 years, including:
Bacterial meningitis
Blood infection (sepsis)
Bacterial pneumonia
Ear infections
Pink eye (bacterial conjunctivitis)
The Centers for Disease Control and Preventionrecommends the vaccine for all children younger than 2years. This age group is at the greatest risk ofserious complications, including death, frompneumococcal disease. But the vaccine is alsorecommended for older children who are at increasedrisk of pneumococcal disease, such as due to:
Chronic lung conditions, such as asthma
Sickle cell disease
HIV infection
Chronic heart conditions
Immune system disorders
The potential risks of the pneumococcal vaccine aresimilar to those associated with other antibacterialvaccines – primarily brief, mild reactions, such asswelling and redness at the site of injection and mildfever. Rarely, a severe adverse reaction may occur.Children who have had a severe reaction after a doseof pneumococcal vaccine shouldn’t receive subsequentdoses of the vaccine.By Mayo Clinic staff AN00170 September 17, 2004semoga menjawab ya….

Rangkuman Imunisasi IPD

sumber : milist sehat

Karena adanya informasi penting, rangkuman ini saya revisi.

Apa gunanya vaksinasi IPD?

Acute lower respiratory infections are responsible for two million deaths
per year and a large proportion of these are pneumococcal disease. A recent
study (Cutts F. et al., The Lancet 2005) in The Gambia indicates that more
than one third of these deaths might be caused by the bacterium
Streptococcus pneumoniae. Most victims are children in developing countries.
Pneumonia deaths far outnumber deaths from meningitis. Nonetheless, in
non-epidemic situations, Streptococcus pneumoniae is the main cause of
meningitis fatalities in sub-Saharan Africa; of those who develop
pneumococcal meningitis, 40-75 % either die or are permanently disabled.
Children infected with HIV/AIDS are 20-40 times more likely to contract
pneumococcal disease than children without HIV/AIDS.

A seven-valent conjugate vaccine called Prevnar is designed to act against
seven strains of pneumococcal disease. It has been developed by Wyeth and is
licensed in the United States and several other countries. In the United
States, use of this vaccine has led to a dramatic decline in rates of
pneumococcal disease, not only in immunized children, but also in the
un-immunized population through reduced transmission.
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