Pregnant Women Who Eat Chocolate Will Give Birth to Happier Babbies

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Women who munched on chocolate while pregnant gave birth to happier babies, according to a study reported in New Scientist.
A study of more than 300 pregnant women to rate their stress levels and chocolate consumption. Six months after giving birth, the mothers were asked to gauge their child’s behaviour in categories like fear, soothability, smiling and laughter.
The results were surprising. The babies of stressed women who had regularly consumed chocolate showed less fear of new situations than babies of stressed women who abstained.
The babies born to women who had been eating chocolate daily during pregnancy were more active. They better encompassed traits such as smiling and laughter. So expectant mothers can take heart this Easter. Tucking into chocolate eggs is good for the baby.
The researchers point out that they cannot rule out the possibility that chocolate consumption and baby behaviour are both linked with some other factor, they speculate that the effects they observed could result from chemicals in chocolate associated with positive mood being passed on to the baby in the womb.

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